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Albion Park Rail
NSW 2527
Available Services:

Procurement of hardware
Fitting and Wiring
Maintenance and Servicing
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Base configuration and cold start tuning
SMW is not brand specific, we have worked with a wide range of aftermarket ecu products and can provide recommendations to suit your needs and budget.
Aftermarket Management tuning will:
  • Provide smooth power delivery
  • Maximise consistency
  • Regulate manifold pressure

Supported Products
  • RedDirtDiesel 

Why Choose Red Dirt Diesel's Performance Tuning Chips:

  • Allows the easy adjustment of engine performance. Optimising air fuel ratios throughout the rev range.
  • Thus increases efficiency with up to 40% more Power, Torque and 15% better Economy.
  • Makes towing and overtaking easier.
  • Great Value! Compared to other popular Chip brands.
  • Installation on most vehicles & models is simple "Plug & Play".
  • Built-in engine monitoring & fail-safe systems. 
  • NO modification exceeds manufacturers specifications! You manufacturers warranty is Safe!*
  • Peace of mind Lifetime parts and labour warranty.*
  • Standard Engine and Driveline warranty for new vehicles.*
  • Warranty underwritten by 3rd party insurance company. Not just the distributor!
  • 60 day trial. If it doesn't work, return it!*
  • Helps eliminate annoying "flat spots".
  • Engine is more spontaneous to react on acceleration. 
  • Made in Germany, adapted, & tested to Australian conditions. (User adjustable)
  • 24/7 Specialist Technical Support in Australia. (No overseas call centers!)
  • Transferable to any vehicle with the same injection system.
  • 1000's of vehicles supported.
  • Lifetime technical support and free software upgrades at no extra cost.*